Why do I write pseudo-anonymously?

I don't see the point in doing it differently.

I would need to add an “About” page with a nice picture, provide some biographical info, and maybe a paragraph or two about Who I am, What I like to do, Why and about what I write here, and so on.

What for? A story about myself adds no value.

How does that help in the development of ideas? Maybe that would make this blog more appealing for new readers, but at the same time would be a burden and a distraction for me.

Don't get me wrong, although I appreciate readers, I have decided to avoid doing things to get more eyeballs. Write down thoughts and feelings help me to understand them better, to clarify my ideas. I'm aware that what I write is not relevant for most people. Still, I made this blog public in case someone out there find it useful; that's it.

This is by no means a criticism to fellow bloggers who have nice About pages, but that does not fit my purpose here.

This is a blog to write freely — even free from myself.

P.S. I use the term pseudo-anonymously because I don't actively protect my anonymity either.