Untitled #002

I prefer to deal with genuine harshness rather than fake kindness; being surrounded by pretended and artificial happiness makes me really sick. It bothers me because then people feel guilty for not being able to smile the whole time (I do feel that way sometimes, less so over the last months).

If someone says out loud: “I'm going through a dark time, I'm in pain”, at least I can say: “I'm here, I listen to (or read) you”. And sometimes that's enough (or at least helps to some extent).

If everyone goes around pretending that their life is perfect, with that same fake smile that we all see in ads nowadays, we perpetuate this delusional state—which is sometimes called being positive. If your life is really that good, doesn't bother you to see those around you in pain? Can you easily ignore it only because it is not happening to your family, within your neighbourhood, city or country?

Am I going through a dark moment in my personal life? No, I don't.

But I do feel frustrated with all the things going on around the world, e.g. Myanmar's coup, which I don't believe happened without the intervention of foreign intelligence agencies (and reminds me of Bolivia's military coup in 2019, initiated by OEA's declaration, without proofs, of finding “irregularities” during the election day). At the same time, most of our societies are hyper-focused in the COVID-19 situation (which is a real problem, and some countries are struggling more than others). It seems there is a sophisticated machinery that can control what people pay attention to and what it's ignored.

Being in a feeling good mood the whole time enables horrible things to happen right in front of us, have we lost our empathy completely?

Am I a negative (toxic, undesirable, mean) person for thinking like that?

#100DaysToOffload #Negativity #Untitled (71/100) P.S. This post is part of an experiment about negativity (read about it).