Negativity offloading – A 100 days experiment.


I think I'm a negative person.

My definition of that is:

I committed to conduct a 100 days posts experiment on negativity. The main goal is not to change negativity but understand it. I see negativity as a habit rather than a fixed personality trait. Any long term change requires understanding first; genuine understanding comes from personal experience.

Writing helps me to clarify my thoughts. So I write.


Negativity is the top energy sucker of my life.

Negative views led me to places where I did not want to go and to take decisions I profoundly regret.


A small book lying beside my bed describes a meditation technique based on three qualities: precision, gentleness, and letting go. I thought this is a promising approach for understanding negativity, so I use it as a framework.

Precision means identifying negative thoughts as they appear through the day; neither rejecting nor nourishing them. The goal is to observe any trace of negative thoughts and then trace back what triggered those thoughts. The focus is on seeing things as clear as possible without any judgement.

Gentleness means embracing reality as it is rather than as I want it to be; it means to stop judging myself. Without gentleness, this would be an excruciating experiment for me.

Letting go means detach from the output. I will focus on precision and gentleness and just see what comes out of it.

( Update: This framework provided an initial structure for my writing. As you will see, post evolved to a more “free-style” format later. Further, I started to write about topics unrelated to this experiment. )

To hold myself accountable, I'm going to write one hundred posts about negativity—an idea inspired on 100 days to offload experiment by Kev Quirk.

Nota Bene: Posts here might not be interesting or insightful enough for many people. If you are looking for something entertaining to read, you are in the wrong place.

Half-way through the experiment, I decided to make this blog publicly available. It was not an easy decision. The only reason I can continue writing is that I assume nobody reads my stuff — so far it is working.

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